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Dinosaurs are walking in the city

Elene Chantladze  

12.10 - 18.12

The artist Elene Chantladze was born in Lanchkhuti district in the village of Supsa on the Black Sea coast.  In 1965 she has moved to Tskaltubo.
Elene Chantladze made her first art objects at an early age from materials cast ashore.

The artist has created numerous art works from any available material like pieces of paper and cardboard, chocolate boxes, paint box covers, stones, trays, medical X-ray paper.
Helen Chantladze never depicts closed interior spaces. The figures seem to be merged together; one body contour is the continuation of another body. The artist renounces any narrative system. Humans, animals and fish compositions are transformed into one unified material. Reflected actions on the images are full of ambiguity, as if it all was happening under water. The themes of her work are the latest public events, personal biography, illustrations and poetic compositions.

Besides painting, Helen writes children's plays and poems and illustrates them. Since 2002 her works have been published in the journal “Sataflia”.


She has participated in the following exhibitions: 

“Diaries” public reading by E. Chantladze Performance days  Gallery nectar Tbilisi 2018
Group Show  Gallery Nectar. Tbilisi 2015
“Connecting Spaces”, Ausstellungsraum Klingental, Basel, 2014-2015
Tskaltubo Art Festival. Solo Show. Tskaltubo. 2014
Artsupermarkt Stockholm 2014 
“Nektar's Fall Exhibition”, Gallery Nectar, Tbilisi, 2013  
"Mertskhali Building", Tskaltubo, 2013 
Festival “Artgeni”, Tskaltubo, 2012
Group exhibitions at Art school Tskaltubo