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Four Discourses

TAF • Tbilisi Art Fair

May 17-19

Gallery Nectar presents artists of different generations, 
who have radically different ways of expression: 

Shota Bostanashvili 
Elene Chantladze 
Thea Gvetadze 
Elene Lukhutashvili 

Hall 6 \\ Exhibition center expogeorgia, 118 Tsereteli ave. Tbilisi 0119, Georgia

Shota Bostanashvili (1948-2013) was the Doctor of Architecture, poet, culturologist, and a professor at the International Academy of Architecture. He was a founder of a studio-workshop called “The Poetics of Architecture.” The exhibition will present documentary material about his performative and quite provocative teachings of architecture, and his artworks. 

Elene Chantladze is an artist from Tskaltubo. For painting she uses the surfaces available in nature, or those of manmade products: chocolate boxes, x-ray pictures, renovation materials, and stones. 

Thea Gvetadze is a contemporary artist. After graduating from the Düsseldorf Art Academy, she worked in Germany for many years. Since 2014, she lives in Georgia. The exhibition “Four Discourses” will present her works created during 2008-2010, a significant stage for the artist. 

Elene Lukhutashvili works though a unique media of easel mosaics. At her home in Telavi, she has a studio-gallery of her works, where the history from the 1940s until today is told through the mosaics. 

The title of the exhibition is taken from Shota Bostanashvili’s poetic text called “Four Discourses,” which in his words: “is written not so much about water, fire, air, and earth, but more with water, fire, air, and earth.”