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Mezzogiorno Bar: Opening: Thursday, 03.05 / 18:00

Daniel Maier-Reimer’s work consists of long voyages, done in specific ways. All together they describe a line reaching from Western Europe to Japan. The way they are done is in a slow pace over a period of several weeks up to four months each. Always alone and usually entirely on foot, he follows in a simple rather stoic manner given stretches like entire river courses, borders or landmarks. For each journey some very reduced evidence exists. Most journeys are represented by a single image, taken during the journey.

Since some time Daniel Maier-Reimer entrusts others with what is normally part of an artist's work: the decision in which form the work is being presented in an exhibition or a printed matter. In this the invited person is free to develop any kind of form, including the possibility of showing nothing at all.

For the show in 2018 at the Gallery Nectar, German artist Florian Hüttner will develop the presentation of Daniel Maier-Reimers journey through Italy. Hüttner is a painter, based in Bad Tölz, Bavaria. As he is a member of the Galerie für Landschaftskunst Hamburg, he runs the dependence GFLK Halle Sued, Tölz in southern Germany. In Tbilisi he will transform the Gallery Nectar into an Italian bar situation, the Mezzogiorno Bar in order to question the white cube and bring Maier-Reimers art into a more spiritual context. Maier-Reimer’s walk through the Apennines headed south towards Southern Italy, called Mezzogiorno.

In this way he worked together with David Brooks, Clegg & Guttmann, Till Krause, Cornelia Lauf and others.

Daniel Maier-Reimer's Journey to Japan was exhibited at the Gallery Nectar in 2014.

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